Compost plant Bjelovar

One of the projects of Strukto Grupa d.o.o. is Kompostana Bjelovar, an innovative agricultural hall that marks a revolution in waste management in the area of ​​the City of Bjelovar and surrounding municipalities. In cooperation with designers and main contractors, this project represents a symbol of partnership and synergy of technological innovation expertise in the […]

Medo-Flor production hall

Inovacija i kvaliteta u vrijeme izazova Innovation and quality in times of challenge The production hall of the company Medo-Flor, specialized in the production of bee products, represents one of our most challenging projects. As part of this project, we were designers and main contractors, and we managed the entire process, from the initial proposals […]

Realization of the transport and logistics center Erdem Arin

In cooperation with German engineers and architects, Strukto Group successfully completed the project of building a transport and logistics center for the company Erdem Arin (Germany). This project represents an outstanding example of cooperation and joint work on the realization of innovative solutions in the field of transport and logistics. Partnership for innovative transport Consulting, […]