Medo-Flor production hall

Inovacija i kvaliteta u vrijeme izazova

Innovation and quality in times of challenge

The production hall of the company Medo-Flor, specialized in the production of bee products, represents one of our most challenging projects. As part of this project, we were designers and main contractors, and we managed the entire process, from the initial proposals to the final realization, including the design of the hall and all construction works, adapting to the demands of the investors.

One of the key requirements of the investors was an emphasis on the quality of the built-in materials and the equipment of the upper-class hall. We chose top-quality materials and equipment to ensure the longevity and reliability of the facility, along with optimal conditions for the production of high-quality bee products.

Despite the challenges we faced, such as the time of the pandemic lockdown, we managed to maintain high standards of safety and quality throughout the project. The partnership with designers and main contractors was key to the successful implementation, underscoring our commitment to providing superior solutions even in the most demanding situations.

The project of building a production hall for Medo-Flor is an example of successful cooperation between the public and private sectors in achieving the common goals of environmental protection and improvement of the quality of life. This initiative represents a step forward in building a sustainable future for all citizens.