Realization of the transport and logistics center Erdem Arin

In cooperation with German engineers and architects, Strukto Group successfully completed the project of building a transport and logistics center for the company Erdem Arin (Germany). This project represents an outstanding example of cooperation and joint work on the realization of innovative solutions in the field of transport and logistics.

Partnership for innovative transport

Consulting, designing and implementing ideas are key steps in the realization of this project. With the professional support of our team, ideas were turned into concrete solutions that meet the specific needs of Erdem Arin.

The complete hall, equipped with windows and a light dome, was delivered according to the project’s requirements. An impressive span of 35 meters provides a spacious and functional space that suits the company’s storage and logistics needs.

This project symbolizes our dedication to providing superior solutions in the field of building structures, as well as our ability to successfully cooperate with international partners in achieving common goals.